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Fabulous Crete – Alternative Tourism Network

Being one of the most popular destinations worldwide, Crete is explored by millions of people annually. There are many things and a variety of reasons for which one can refer to Crete as a blessed and special place.

Over the many centuries Crete has been a main source of life and development for many civilizations, acting from time to time as the center of commerce in the Mediterranean. Having both a strategic and geographical importance it controlled the access to three continents, whereas being a center of cultural development Crete served as a refuge for artists and scholars of each era. Its earth has abundantly provided agricultural produce and the deep sea an abundance of marine life. All of which was utilized by the indigenous people conquerors and by all others who were charmed by the beauty of Crete.chania-crete-greece01

According to Greek mythology Crete is the birthplace of Zeus, father of both god and man, and it is illustrated that there has been a civilization on the island for the past 10,000 years. Rumors say that Cres was the name of Zeus and Idas’ son, her name given to the highest mountain on Crete (Mt. Ida). It is also assumed that Crete received its name from the wife of King Minoa, the high lord and creator of the Minoan civilization who turned the island into the centre of the until then known world.


However it may be it is an undeniable fact that Crete had a leading role in every aspect of life and has played an important part in shaping the world as we know it today. Everything which was created by our ancestors and has withstood the passing of the centuries are a legacy and a heritage for all Cretans, a treasure we keep and protect passing it down from generation to generation.



Fabulous Crete was created with the aim and hope of introducing and bringing you in touch with the genuine Cretan culture and civilization. The various services we provide cover a wide range of alternative tourism. Our goal is to introduce the Cretan lifestyle and way of thinking to those visiting our island.

Whether at an old olive oil factory or sitting at a table with traditional food or exploring an old gorge, the visitor can understand how we, the Cretans, live. Whilst walking the nature trails in the mountains, witnessing the foliage of trees, the crystal clear running waters and the fauna, one can easily comprehend the birth, the course and growth of the Cretan ecosystem.


Follow the road to wine through ancient vineyards and old wineries, observe the production process and feel the euphoria whilst wine tasting.

Scuba diving in the Cretan sea one can discover the dark secrets hidden within the depths. In the deep clear water we can see reefs dating back hundreds of years, shipwrecks and the source of existence for a multitude of underwater life.

On horseback we wander along mountain trails, river banks and endless coast lines. Driving a 4×4 jeep we conquer hill tops, cross rivers and streams and visit trails which reveal scenery of endless beauty. We are introduced to the art of weaving by meeting Cretan women weaving on their loom.

By cooking in a stone oven at an inland village visitors can taste the authentic Cretan cuisine. Flavors now forgotten by people living in cities, scents which emerge from centuries ago are now tasted and served to us as a feast of flavors.

Floating on a luxurious yacht or sailing boat we come across the steep rocks of the Cretan coastline and dive into the not yet explored blue waters, enjoying the combination of refined luxury and simplicity.

We walk along trails which lead us to ancient monasteries dating back to the 13th and 14th century which have withstood wars and natural disasters but still stand gallantly as symbols of faith. Exploring archaeological monuments the soul is overwhelmed with awe and pride for the civilizations which once thrived and left their historical mark on those grounds. Musical melodies whisper in our ears the deep secrets of traditional Cretan music.

All these activities cannot be explained easily in words and it is even harder to translate them into other languages. What Fabulous Crete though can guarantee every visitor is a memorable experience, something which is not easily achieved even if one has visited Crete many times. Through our programs and package deals the visitor can experience something unknown, yet truly real, and inaccessible to many but simultaneously so very beautiful. This is the genuine Cretan ‘product’ and this is exactly what Fabulous Crete has to offer. Explore the real Crete! Feel the real essence of Crete!