I have seen the most popular Cretan beaches, villages. However,
today it was the first time when I got to see other reasons why Crete is so exclusive –
unique traditional Cretan local culture, countryside landscapes, hospitality and
gastronomic prides – olive oil and wine. Fabulous Crete tour Discover the Miracle of Wine and Olive Oil was perfect opportunity to experience the side of Crete which is
full of tastes of wine and olive oil, breathtaking views of the landscapes of the
Mainland, local traditions and history.

Our tour started by getting to know the island of Crete. On our way to the first stop of
the tour – Manousakis winery, our driver-guide Ioannis told us many interesting facts
about Crete – main geographical facts, economic activities, famous agricultural
products. He also introduced us with brief history of the island which seemed very
interesting! Our road led us through the region of Kissamos which is rich of huge
plantations of orange, avocado, olive trees and White Mountains.
Soon we reached “Manousakis Winery” which left us great first impressions – it had
amazing traditional Cretan atmosphere, lots of flowers, trees and beautiful traditional
Cretan house of wine tasting. The guide of “Manousakis Winery” welcomed us and
started the tour through the winery by showing us all the facilities they are using for
winemaking and by explaining its process. We had the opportunity to see the old
cellar where wine is kept in wooden barrels to age. After this there came time for
wine tasting. We tasted different wines of local and international varieties of grapes.
We grouped all together and we were enjoying our time with great wine and great

After leaving Manousakis winery we continued our tour by visiting the village of
Vouves and the oldest olive tree in the world. The tree was really impressive and we
enjoyed the opportunity to go to the Olive Tree museum where we saw the history
behind this tree and its significance, also the old traditional way of making olive oil,
old tools which were used for its production.

After getting to know the old way of making olive oil, our road led us to “Anoskeli
Winery” which produces not only wine but also olive oil – this time in modern way.

First we got to know how olive oil is made today and what kinds of olives are used for
unique Cretan olive oil production. Our guide showed and explained us how olives
become olive oil which is after served on our table. It was a really unique experience!
After we visited the winery and we saw the process of Cretan wine making and after

we group all together to taste wine and olive oil produced in this winery. We spent
such a great time tasting different varieties of wine, olive oil, finger food and just
sitting around the table talking, laughing, and sharing different stories and

This trip was a wonderful way to get to know more about Cretan wine and olive oil
making traditions, exploring the Mainland and meeting wonderful people!


By Raminta Drimeikytė


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