Yesterday we decided with my father to walk around the Venetian harbor of Chania before we go for work. It was approximately 09:00am and the Saturday morning was still quiet. We started from the West side of the town and we walked over the high Byzantine walls. The moat under the leaf was really nice!

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You know, sometimes you have to appreciate the gift you have near by you, a few kilometers away from your doorstep. When I walk and see the lighthouse, the mosque, all those imposing buildings and hear the sound of the calm waves, my mood gets better and my mind travels away.

I think that the sea takes away all my problems and worries. I feel like I’m free and remember many happy memories.

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Especially if I have the time, I sit and enjoy a coup of coffee or tea. Chania is a small town. Here we know each other. So the most of the times, you walk there and meet many people. They always invite you to sit with them and treat you something, as we all do!

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Try to walk around the harbor, early in the morning and you will see huge difference!

You really explore your inner world!


We saw some friends there, opening their stores and preparing for the day. Then we turned up to the Arsenals, direction to the old town! It was time to go for work, but this small walk changed my day!

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