It is 29 years since I came to this beautiful town of Chania, from my country Norway and my hometown Oslo. I never regretted it one day! First I stayed for 5 1⁄2 years in the smaller town of Sitia on the west side of the island. I first came out to Crete in 1983 as a young mother of 25 with my daughter of 2.



Beautiful buildings, churches, the lighthouse, parks, history, beaches, nature, mountains and hills. I can swim in the sea all year round, in January I can swim and look up at the snow covered mountains blinking in the sunshine at the same time! For me the size is perfect. I like the fact that people know me and who I am married to, and greet me, but don’ t interfere in my life! Here I found the love of my life, but that was after I choose this place all by myself. I have all I need here: Culture, music, theater, cinema, dance and all kinds of festivals.


This town is also full of voluntary organizations and helpful Greeks. For me personally, the most important is this: NATURE. Chania is my place, the best place, it has 50 peeks over 2000 meters in the wonderful White Mountains!! I have been up on about 25 over 1000, and 5 over 2000.


I also will recommend E 4, this nice walking trail that goes all around the South coast. It gives fantastic possibility to walk all over the island, both in Chania, Rethimno. I never get tired of walking on this beautiful trail and the Sunday walks with the mountain club EOS. All these beaches, hills, mountains, and all these exciting gorges.


The people, the nature, culture, food and history mixed together gives me what I need. Of course family also is very important for me. I have my husband here, my three daughters have chosen my home country Norway, but this is were they have their roots, were they belong. I love this town with all my heart, I feel so blessed to have found it, and made it my home all those years!


My neighbourhood is Splantzia, with its church and the harbour close by!


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